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Digital security is often approached as a stand-alone one-off process. Center for Digital Resilience believes that to create lasting organizational security you must include the health and digital wellness of the whole community.

CDR seeks to build systems and processes that support community-led efforts of behavioral change. Offering tailored partnerships that support communities through technology solutions and information and analysis informed strategies, that allow communities to act preventively to build resilience and digital wellness over time.

Value Pillars

How We Approach the Work

Sustainable Ecosystems

Our work aims to build local ecosystems with the resources and capacity necessary for sustainable resilience.


While we also work responsively, all our projects encourage resilience by facilitating a shift in focus to preventative engagement.


Trust is the foundation of our work. It relies on transparency and accountability to all those we work with and for.


We believe community is key to resilience. No one organisation stands alone.


We work with partners on every project, creating networks to connect local and technical expertise.

Long Term Behavior Change

We design our projects to help effect community behavior change through systems for long-term support.


Our approach to technology, design, data, and communication is always guided by accessibility.

Holistic Understanding

All our work, however narrow, is conducted with holistic approach in consideration of digital, physical, psychosocial, and community context.

People Before Tech

We know that any tools we build are in service of human needs, and we develop human centered, open-source technology designed hand-in-hand with those who will use it.


Holly Kilroy

Holly Kilroy

Executive Director

Josh Levy

Josh Levy

Chief Technology Officer

Jane Ellis

Jane Ellis

Chief Operating Officer

Nicolas Sera-Leyva

Nicolas Sera-Leyva

Community Director

Anthony Sule

Anthony Sule

Security Director

Briana Camacho

Briana Camacho

Program Manager

Hildah Nyakwaka

Hildah Nyakwaka

Community Manager

Board Members
Marcin de Kaminski

Marcin de Kaminski


Sandy Ordonez

Sandy Ordonez

Board Member

Cheekay Cinco

Cheekay Cinco

Board Member

Our Digital Security Network

Resiliency is built through a trustworthy network. We work with trusted partners within the Internet freedom and CiviCERT communities.


Code of Practice

Information Handling and Vulnerabilities

Code of Conduct

Norms, Rules, and Proper Practices

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