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CDR Link Status Page

This is a status page with updates regarding components associated with hosted CDR Link instances & addon services. This page is updated at least weekly, or when incidents occur.

Last Updated: 2022-08-10 09:45 UTC

Current Status:

The PGP add-on has been restored to all helpdesks.


  • ✅ Link
  • ✅ Signal
  • ✅ Whatsapp
  • ✅ Telegram
  • ✅PGP
  • ✅ Email
  • ✅ Twitter
  • ✅ Voicemail

Past Events:

2022-06-22: An EE service outage prevented WhatsApp and Signal Channels for helpdesks using EE as a network provider from functioning correctly:

2022-06-21: A Cloudflare outage disrupted normal access to helpdesks protected by Cloudflare Access:

These issues relate to external services we rely on and we do not have direct control over them. As far as we know services have been restored, and we continue to monitor the situation.

2022-02-21: 14:30 - We have deployed a fix for a WhatsApp channel disconnection. You may need to reconnect the phone using the new Multi-Device Beta instructions.

2022-01-17: 12:00 - We have deployed updates for the Signal and WhatsApp channels to improve stability. The WhatsApp update will now also work correctly for incoming messages using “swipe-to-reply”.

❤️ CDR Link is monitored and maintained by SR2 Communications and Guardian Project.

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