July 16, 2020 • by Collin

Announcing CDR's new Docs Site

Today, we at the Center for Digital Resilience are launching a new documentation site to support our flagship tool, CDR Link. We have developed CDR Link as an open source helpdesk solution that prioritizes privacy and security, and we have been hard at work creating new resources that prospective and current users may consult when they have questions. All of these new resources can be found at https://docs.digiresilience.org.

CDR Docs Site homepage

For those considering whether CDR Link may be right for them and their work, the Get to Know CDR Link section offers general information about the platform, a brief introductory video, and some example use cases explaining ways CDR Link has been used, and how it might be adopted.

We have also included guidance on how to access our demo instance, for those who would like to try CDR Link firsthand.

For those who are already using CDR Link, or are about to adopt it, we have written a General User Guide which is full of brief, helpful instructional videos. We have also included instructions on how to create and configure various communication channels in your CDR Link instance.

Finally, our FAQ hopes to answer some fundamental questions you may have about CDR Link.

We will continue to build out this site in hopes to make it as helpful as we can. If you have additional questions or any suggestions for additional resources that you would find helpful, please contact us. You can email us at [email protected], or message us more securely via Signal at +1-504-612-1168.