A system for crowdsourcing disinfo

Disinformation is threatening our ability to get the facts we need. The Waterbear suite of technology helps fight back.

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Collect contributions safely.

Submitting is seamless. With integrated channels and a secure webform users can report on the fly.

CDR Link

Organize and analyze.

Submissions feed directly into CDR Link, a secure platform designed to easily tag, edit, assign and respond to ticket submissions.


Clean up.

Submissions are sent from CDR Link into the QA tool where analysts have final review rights to sort and archive, or remove PII (publicly identifiable information), so only what is safe is shared.


Share with trusted networks.

Data sets are easily accessible for export by your team, allowing researchers to compare data, make connections, and analyze or review it using analytics tools like Tableau.

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Free and open source.

Waterbear is a free and open source ecosystem. Read all about it on Gitlab.

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