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A secure platform for aggregating, displaying, and sharing data on digital security threats and attacks facing global civil society.


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Data Analysis for Better Incident Response

Leafcutter helps incident responders, threat analysts, security trainers, and security service providers contextualize threats, draw insights and provide qualitative, data-driven support to the communities they serve.

Create, Save, and Share Data Visualizations

With Leafcutter, you keep track of threats and attacks in your region and around the world and make accurate threat predictions with live data and visualizations. You can customize your data to make it work for you. And you can easily share your visualizations with your community or colleagues.

Strengthen Your Community

Leafcutter was built with the civil society security community in mind and features strong participation from organizations and professionals within the CiviCERT network and the Threat Intel Coalition, among other rapid response and service provider communities.

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CDR Link

CDR Link makes asking for help easy. CDR Link is a secure, flexible human rights helpdesk featuring messaging plugins for all popular platforms, enabling responders help communities seeking assistance.



A suite of tools for crowdsourcing potentially false information. Waterbear helps you collect and curate information with your researchers to stop disinformation from spreading in your community.

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