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A Secure Helpdesk

Our simple & streamlined dashboard helps you tag, assign and respond to your tickets — all in one place.

A Secure Helpdesk


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Simplified status tracking

People can request digital security help using their everyday messaging apps. We provide secure Signal, Whatsapp & Telegram channels for your community.

Now with PGP email support.

See your community improve

Your impact is visualised for you to provide better assistance. Get reports on how many people you’ve helped and who needs attention.

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A suite of tools for crowdsourcing potentially false information. Waterbear helps you collect and curate information with your researchers to stop disinformation from spreading in your community.

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Digital Wellness Check

Digital Wellness Check

The Digital Wellness Check offers a framework to assess the digital wellness of an organization and deliver digestible, actionable assessments that help organizations mature in security over time.

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