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Disinformation is threatening our ability to get credible facts. Built on our trusted technology stack, Waterbear helps you fight back.

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Crowdsource Disinfo


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Collecting info is secure & easy

With integrated channels and a secure webform, users can report on the fly. Submitting information is truly seamless.

CDR Link

Organize & analyze

Submissions are organized in CDR Link, where you can easily tag, edit and respond to submissions.

QA Tool

Clean up the disinfo

Submissions are then sent to the QA Tool where analysts can review the information to sort, archive or review publicly indentifiable information.


Share with trusted networks

All generated datasets are accessbile & can be exported to allow researchers to compare data, make connections, and use analytical tools like Tableau.

Interested in more tech solutions?

CDR Link

CDR Link

CDR Link makes asking for help easy. CDR Link is a secure, flexible human rights helpdesk featuring messaging plugins for all popular platforms, enabling responders help communities seeking assistance.

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Digital Wellness Check

Digital Wellness Check

The Digital Wellness Check offers a framework to assess the digital wellness of an organization and deliver digestible, actionable assessments that help organizations mature in security over time.

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Receive relevant information on current events related to digital security and product updates.​

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