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Digital Security Project

Creating a safe space

CDR works with regional partners and a network of providers to run digital security and wellness programs for community of civil society organizations operating in high-risk contexts. These organizations receive security assessments, digital wellness plans, incident response support, alerts and newsletters about new vulnerabilities and threats, and other forms of iterative training, support, and advice.

Disinformation Project

Fighting for Truth

CDR works with civil society organizations to collect, analyze, and report on disinformation. We worked with 45 civil society organizations to create a crowdsourced data set. Information that was previously locked up in the silos of organizations was made available to trusted investigators and researchers.

Our Digital Security Network

Resiliency is built through a trustworthy network. We work with trusted partners within the Internet freedom and CiviCERT communities.

Example Projects

Stay ‘In the Loop’

Receive relevant information on current events related to digital security and product updates.​

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