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Building resilient systems to keep civil society safe

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Our work protects and empowers activists to regain civic space.

3 Pillar Approach

Digital Resilience Starts Here

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We work with partners to bolster the digital strength and wellness of every individual. We provide a sustainable, strategic approach to long-term digital wellness.

Information Analysis

Information Analysis

Empower your community of individuals to contribute, respond, and be better prepared against digital vulnerabilites.

Open Source Technology

Open Source Technology

In partnership with Guardian Project, we develop and host secure, privacy-preserving tools designed to safely receive, respond to and analyze sensitive information.

Digital Security Project

Creating a safe space

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Disinformation Project

Fighting for Truth

The Tech to Get You There



Waterbear helps you collect and curate information with your researchers to stop disinformation from spreading in your community.

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CDR Link

CDR Link

CDR Link is a secure, flexible human rights helpdesk featuring messaging plugins for all popular platforms, enabling responders help communities seeking assistance.

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Our Digital Security Network

Resiliency is built through a trustworthy network. We work with trusted partners within the Internet freedom and CiviCERT communities.

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Receive relevant information on current events related to digital security and product updates.​

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